Spooky Season Vibes!

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I quite enjoyed “Holly Horror” and only wish it would have been written for an older audience! This book was a slow burn, but gave off major spooky season vibes and would be the perfect Halloween read! While this book wasn’t overtly scary, it had just the right amount of spookiness to keep things interesting. The writing style was fantastic, everything was so well described that I felt like I had been transported ten years backwards and returned to high school! With Evie, I do wish the mental health angle would have been explored further rather than explained away with the supernatural elements. Nonetheless, Evie and the other characters were highly relatable. I also admired the friendship between Tina and Evie, and cringed at the mean girl vibes from Kimber. I was shocked by the ending (somehow I didn’t see the plot twist coming), but I love how it set up the plot for a sequel! I would definitely like to revisit the Hobbie House and find out what happens next with these characters!