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Holly Horror follows Evie as she is forced to move away from her friends and the city she knows into a small town. The house her family moves into is infamous for two mysterious disappearances of girls that lived there.

The cover and the chapter header art are gorgeous, but unfortunately that did not make the story enjoyable.

The writing was simple and aligned more with middle grade than young adult in my opinion. All of the characters felt like cardboard, especially Evie and her bully. Evie's relationship with her brother wasn't well done, she didn't seem to care about him at all until it becomes plot relevant. The plot was something that's been done many times before and didn't have anything that made it feel special or standout form the others like it.

Things got interesting in the last chapter but were left as a cliff hanger to set up a second book. Even so, I would not pick up another book in this series.