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Worth the wait!

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Oh, it's good to be back in Millers Kill again after having been away so long. Spencer-Fleming keeps managing to add more depth and nuance to characters and places we've come to know and love so much.

Hid From Our Eyes finds Clare and Russ trying to adjust to being new parents, and being a new parent myself, there are moments when I thought the author must have been spying on my life. My husband is very distraught that he did not, as he previously believed, invent the idea of the "baby hat" as a calming device for a fussy infant.

As in Out of the Deep I Cry, my favorite book in this series, mysteries of the past and present intertwine. We follow the chiefs of police in 1952, 1972, and the present day as they investigate eerily-similar and yet impossible-to-connect deaths. Russ attempts to convince the town's voters not to disband his department. And Hadley and Kevin deal with the fall-out of her ex's revenge. Only a few of these thorny problems are solved in the book's pages; others will spin out into longer tales in future books. All of which I will await as eagerly as I awaited this one.