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Good Mystery/Crime thriller!

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This may be the 9th book in the series but it reads well as a standalone. It revolves between three different times, 1952, 1972, and present day as those are the years when a young woman is found dead on the road with no evidence why. It provides an intriguing story, especially since one of the main characters in the present time, Russ, was a suspect in the 1972 case and is now a police chief facing another murder.

This was a good mystery and I liked getting to know Russ and Clare as they juggle with the case and a new baby and all the other work issues. The other character are interesting too, like Hadley and Kevin. I haven't read the other books in the series but I think I might now that I finished this one. Plus, with the ending this one has, I definitely would like to continue the story!