So Funny

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This was such a cute book. Definitely had me feeling old. The parents in the book seem like me and my friends. Ah, the joys of being an older millennial.
I loved Bethany's confidence so much. She was such a fun character. Jacob was a delight. Fake dating is one of my favorite tropes, and it did not disappoint. There are quite a few side characters, and normally, I would have gotten them mixed up the whole book. But these were all so clearly their own characters, for once I kept who was who straight.
I laughed out loud multiple times during this book. Sometimes because one of the parents would say something I totally got, but so many times from Bethany. She never let her confidence in her appearance flag, and that is something I appreciate. So often, when the main character is plus size, and she gets turned down by a boy, it's because of her size. I love that the author didn't go in that direction.