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This was such a cute read. It was super relatable to what was going on in the beginning of quarantine with all the panic buying. It had characters that were on both sides of the spectrum where one side was super cautious and taking any and every precaution they could take so they wouldn't get COVID. Then you had the other side who did not care nearly as much and were out partying and hanging out with their friends with no care whatsoever. I also like how the authors included mental health and therapy. They showed a pretty accurate depiction of a panic attack and anxiety. The story also deals with death and grief. It shows how people react differently to grief and there is no right or wrong way to deal with it. Sometimes it takes a person longer to deal with that grief than others.

The main characters also came from two different lifestyles, so it was interesting to see the differences there. On one had you had Max who had to work during the pandemic to save money for college. On the other hand you had Jonah who comes from a wealthier family and didn't have to worry about much other than the fact that his sister, Olivia, is at a higher risk for contracting COVID. Olivia was also probably the most relatable with all the different hobbies she took up during quarantine to pass the time.