Delightfully Charming Romantic Mystery

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This story really is quite the feat. It is a charming historical romantic suspense novel, which I so rarely can find. This is the first entry into a trilogy with a very interesting premise: a duke leaves his fortune to 3 seemingly random women and in this book, his nephew (our romantic hero) Chase is tasked with not only finding the women so they can get their inheritance, but also to find out the truth behind how his uncle died. He finds the first woman (our romantic heroine) Minerva and from there a really fun dance begins.

Minerva is fantastic. Rather than getting her totally random windfall and using it to do pretty much nothing but be a lady of leisure, she decides to open a detective business that ends up rivaling Chase's own. I loved the way they were both trying to solve the same case (why the Duke left Minerva the money and if he was killed) and sneak around each other while also working together.

I loved Chase and Minerva's chemistry. It was at times playful, always sexy, and seemed deep from the get-go. One thing I really loved about this book is the way it slowly revealed their backstories. I hate it when books throw the backstory at you right away. This was a nice slow build of revelations between the two, which really helped build their relationship.

The other characters in the book were all very well developed as well and I greatly enjoyed getting to know them as well. You could feel the bonds between them all, which was very refreshing.

I am very much looking forward to the rest of this trilogy. There is still so much to unravel and I hope that Minerva and Chase continue to do so, and I am so excited to meet the other two women the Duke chose to inherit his wealth.