A Murder and Secret Heiresses

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Yellow dress on the cover? Must read. Secret Heiresses? Yes Please! Only the book ends up not meeting my expectations.

This book opens up in the home of Minerva, she and her companion (?) Beth, have just knocked an intruder unconscious. Turns out the intruder is Chase Radnor, and he's been looking for Minerva, as she has possibly inherited some funds from his late uncle, the Duke of Hollinburgh. Why was Chase breaking into the house you ask? He was trying to find out what connection Minerva had to his uncle, and to see if she might have been the one that murdered him, as he (the uncle) died under mysterious circumstances.

With so much information packed in the beginning of the novel, you would think that there would be multiple twists and turns in this romantic suspense. Both start "inquiries" into the Duke's death. You would think that when they realized this, they would combine forces and work together. Instead, they continue their individual inquiries, but share information. I feel that this ends up slowing the pace of the book, making the mystery more of a distraction, rather than a driving force in the plot. If they had paired up to work together, it's possible the chemistry between the characters would have intensified, and led to more clues, or opened up more suspects. As it was, you've got "hmm, it's highly likely he was murdered, but we cannot conclusively say that, and we don't have any real suspects"

Hoping that this mystery is taken up in the remaining books (assuming it's a trilogy, with Kevin (a cousin), and Nicholas (the new duke) pairing up with the remaining heiresses). Two (two and a half?) mysteries are resolved in the novel, but they weren't things that I felt needed to be resolved.

Content Warning: off page domestic violence (Minerva's first husband was abusive)

I received a free copy of the book from the publisher for my honest review