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A Tale for True Romance Fans

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This story seems to have all the elements of what I am guessing are essential to romance stories. A beautiful woman with a hint of a shady past which includes a murder that supposedly no one has knowledge of. But a recently deceased male member of royalty has left her a fortune, and the private-eye type of man (with a well built body - of course) who tracks down Minerva to tell her about this inheritance seems to know about her carefully guarded past. He also seems to think she could be a suspect in the Duke's death. There are clothes that reveal the shape of Minerva's body as she tends to the head wound she inflicted on the message bearer. Hints of bondage - Minerva has him temporarily tied up. The conversation seems proper for the bygone era setting, except for page 16 when Minerva says someone "could of" - a common American misspelling for the modern day contraction could've. The boldly colored gold and purple cover design is eye catching. I may not be a fair judge for romance novels since they have never been my genre of choice. Since this one did not entice me to read all of the book, it is a 3 star from me.