Everything is Not What it Seems

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The excerpt did not disappoint it definitely gave mystery. I was left with more questions with each passing word. How do you and your mother get charged in your brothers death? What was wrong with him or you two to make someone go that far? I anticipate a plot twist to boot.

The writing style was simple and crisp giving light to the man in question not the mistake. There is way in which the character is written there is delectable charm from the opening and it makes you wonder when was this charm not able to save you? There is definitely something with held in this characters mystery and that is what makes it a strong plot.

I can tell no one can be trusted here especially Marina something about her obsession rubs uncomfortably. Doris she is either culpable or complacent.

I am curious what happened to his father where was he while his family was left the mercy of one another.