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Very Informative

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Susan Adler's Hanger Management is a wonderfully written book! It will stay on my bookshelf for years to come. The lay out and writing of the book is well done. Hanger Management is a very informative of 10 types of hanger and how it affects people. It has helped me deal with not only my hanger but when I get hungry and how food/hunger plays into my day. Quite a few a-ha moments as I read the book, I am sharing this with a friend who gets hanger a few times as well. Dr. Adler's writing wasn't pushy or in your face, which is a nice change from other books I have read. The book also introduced me to mindful eating and how it will not only effect me and my body, but also how it will affect me as well. When I saw the list that shows her other published works are also about mindful eating, I will be buying those as well.