Better Than a Diet Book

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When I got this book, I thought it was going to be another testament to mindfulness and finding bliss in every bite. I'm really happy to report that nowhere in did Hanger Management did author, Dr. Susan Albers, advise me to imagine calm blue oceans while savoring every bite of my contraband cookie. Instead, she provided helpful and proven methods that allowed me to take control of my habits without villainizing food, or for that matter, me.

I read through Hanger Management with ease and I didn't feel victimized or called out. Dr. Albers' tone is both professional and conversational. While reading, I was guided down a diet-free path of good and sound methods that have incidentally led to some healthy weight loss. More importantly, I don't feel like food gets to tell me what to do anymore. I know how to snack. I know how to manage my hypoglycemia. I know how to be prepared and never experience hanger again. My husband is more pleased than you can imagine and has commented on the change without commenting on the bag of tiny carrots in my purse.

Hanger Management is well researched and annotated. The reference section is a useful tool and can guide readers to more information about the subjects and tools presented. The book is also well indexed for personal referencing, and personal note taking, the book is double spaced and the margins are a generous 7/8" all around with a little more at the bottom.

All around, this book has been great for me. I'll read it again and keep it for reference.