So far, just ok

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I was interested in this book because I thought it might give some helpful tips to keep blood sugar in check and prevent feeling hangry and mindlessly overeating.

Unfortunately, I was put off by the beginning of the book. It felt that I was immediately being spoken down to, as if the author assumed unintelligence.

Plus, the word hangry is not used in the manner for which it was created, which also leads to overuse of the word in the book. Hangry is meant to indicate when a person feels grouchy or angry due to being hungry. Yes, we all have regret when we binge on junk foods and feel gross afterwards, but that bloated feeling is not feeling hangry. I never had an issue with the word hangry before, but I was starting to be annoyed with it while reading this introduction.

Otherwise, the book used good examples to set up the future chapters, which I assume will give some tips. Unfortunately, the sneak peek at the book only provided the buildup and never got to the meat of the story so I can't honestly say if the ideas in the book will be useful. I would be interested in reading more to see what advice the book does offer.