Wonderful descriptions of real people!

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I have wanted to visit New York for quite some time, so when I had the opportunity to read this, I was very excited by the prospect. The book was even better than I expected.

The author, Donna Florio, seems to have amazing recall that is apparent with all the fascinating details she shares of her life on Bank Street and the interesting people she met throughout her life. She includes a combination of famous people and ordinary folks. With chapters dedicated to some of the personalities that stand out the most, we learn about what their lives were like—how they interacted with others—and even those little eccentricities that make us all human.

Florio also shares details of her own upbringing in a family that was more than a bit dysfunctional, with a mother who at times didn’t hold back her thoughts that she would would have been better off without a child. Growing up in an age when parents didn’t hover over their children, she was free to explore and learned street smarts at an early age.

I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good memoir.