Great and Precious Things Review

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This was a touching, heartfelt story. I adored the characters, the plot and the writing. There were times when my emotions were all over the place.

Camden Daniels left Alba, CO a decade ago for the military. He was the middle son. The one who was ALWAYS getting into trouble. He was in love with Willow, the neighbor's daughter, but she was his younger brother's (Sullivan) girlfriend. Camden became a Green Beret. Sullivan though idolize Camden and joined the military also. Four years later, Camden would bring Sully's body back to Alba. Camden is full of grief not only for the death of Sully but because he gave an order unknowingly that took Sully's life. If only he had chosen a different group then Sully would have been safe. Camden's father also blamed him for the younger Daniels' death. Camden leaves Alba determined never to return.

Camden is called back to Alba by his father. Returning after six years after Sully's death, is hard and Camden is not looking forward to it. The elder Daniels has early-on-set alzheimer's disease. He wants a DNR but the oldest son has power of attorney and refuses. Upon Camden's return, he sees Willow almost immediately. The rest of the journey for Camden and Willow to their HEA is one that was an exceptional read.

I loved having the story written in a dual POV format. Getting into the minds of both Camden and Willow really allowed me to fully understand what they were going through. In this case, Camden was really suffering and seeing his internal conflict was really necessary to understand his decisions.

This is a wonderful story. There is a scene that may offend some but the sexy scene was well written and highly glossed over. That being said though, I can only recommend this story for anyone over the age of 18.