I neeeeeddd this book

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Not only did the cover scream to me that I neeeed this book, but the excerpt cemented that idea. I am an animal lover and the idea that seven dogs could change ones life is an absolute truth that I believe in. I believe in the power and truth of a ‘good boy’ and the lessons that our four legged furry friends teach us. What a powerful book this me to tell and share those stories and experiences. I am very excited to get this one, to soak up every page and to think about the ways my own life has been impacted by my animals. I think that there is room for learning, for teaching us to be kinder, and to be better people as a result of having them in our lives. I hope that I can get my hands on this book very soon and that I can do a full review on my book blog. (HTTPS://hesaidbooksorme.blogspot.com) I also hope to get the word out to others who are pet lovers and believe in the healing power of animals.