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The setup is about the author being close to the dogs and soon into the beginning, you realize that the dogs really meant something to him as he comes to accept that he is transgender and that while other people may judge him, his best friends and (dog) family love him and that truly is all that matters.

The beginning was the best for me in terms of the book as a whole and for each chapter as the character gives a cute, sad, but all in all inner window into himself through anecdotes and morality stories he learned as a child.

The middle and end of the chapters were also nice and welcoming (for the pages, but I felt bad for the experiences the author went through because he wasn't trying to bed for pity, wasn't just using it to market a book), but I did feel as if the book was longer than it needed to be. Don't get me wrong, this is a memoir, but focusing on how one became oneself or altered because of the family and people (and animals) that you trust is what I believed I was getting into. Other times, there did seem to be filler and I would have liked the book more if there was just the book without a feeling of need to get to a certain page length.

This was an enjoyable story, though longer than necessary, it was truthful and I would recommend it to people struggling with their sex, and maybe even when dealing with a death of a loved pet.