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I was incredibly disappointed by this book. This is a memoir that is supposed to be focused on the trials and tribulations of growing up, broken up by time periods related to which dogs the author owner. Instead, it felt more like a letter of complaint to everyone she had ever met, and how they didn’t give quite enough attention or the right kind of it. It frankly came off as very entitled, something I would expect from a filler blog post rather than a novel from one of my favorite publishers. I also felt like the author did not get deep enough into the gender issues and what that felt like. She dropped crumbs but never quite took the introspective dive, so overall the book came off as a very discombobulated and almost impersonal timeline of the author’s life. I would love for her to publish just one of these chapters but in much more depth, as I think there was a good story to be told but the editing didn’t hit the mark.