A Unique Memoir

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Good Boy is a quick-paced memoir, and in this stressful time it was a great read to take short breaks from the news cycle. I was intrigued by the author's concept of breaking up her life into eras during which she owned each of her dogs and how each dog helped teach her life lessons, and it definitely worked stylistically. I loved the funny and heartwarming tidbits about each dog, and also enjoyed learning about Jennifer Finney Boylan's life. She had a unique journey as a trans woman coming to accept and love herself, and it was poignant to see how each dog helped shape her understanding of love along the way. Each chapter is further broken up into smaller stories, and it was like sitting back and chatting with an old friend: sometimes the stories are not linear and bounce around, but that is how real conversations often play out. If you love dogs and good storytelling, Good Boy is a book you should not miss!