Wonderful, sensitive story of dogs and the writer's challenging life

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This book creates a window into a world of dogs and portrays a poignant philosophy:
Dog's love is NOT unconditional as most would say. However, our love for dogs IS unconditional. The reason we're here is to love one another, yet nothing is harder than loving other humans. We're fluent in expressing hate. The author has nailed it!
It's a book about her seven phases of life and the dogs that were loved at each moment. Sometimes it's hard to remember all of her childhood but the dogs were unforgettable.
There is an excerpt about Gomer who hated the writer. He always barked and acted hateful. One day as the author was walking by the dog, on his neighbor's property, he broke his chain and lunged, but instead of attacking, licked instead. The dog's owner felt protected and loved by a dog who knocked an 11 year-old down (and did not really hurt him). The author seemed perplexed by the whole affair and also his gender (which lasted for many years afterwards).
In 2017, her dog Indigo dies and the author adopts Chloe. Her older dog Ranger now has a new wing-dog. Love changes but continues.
This appears to be a wonderful, sensitive story of the writer's challenging life as a boy who wants to be a girl. There are different dogs in the author's life who had great influence. It's an intersting story of how he and later she loved and lost.