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I was so excited to see the first book about a dog on Bookishfirst that I jumped for joy simply because the love that I have for my dogs- each and every one of them that I’ve been fortunate enough to have by my side. They are family, my fur-kids and they’re always there for me when I need a friend.

I loved “Marley & Me” both the book AND the movie; “The Art of Racing in the Rain” starring Enzo, again both forms. They made me so emotional.

I am so impacted by pooches that I nearly missed the incredible backstory behind this book. This is an own voices tale by a transgender woman who discusses the dogs that remained with her through the most important moments in her life. I bet that each dog in their own way made her feel more at ease with her identity and she vented to them quite frequently. They don’t judge, they just listen. Unconditional love should be more widespread.

So, many apologies, — I admit—I’m guilty of “summarizing” and I am SO glad that I went back and re-read the synopsis. We need so much more LGBTQIA+ 🏳️‍🌈 representation in the book community.

I can sympathize with how dogs not only get us through some of our most challenging moments but are also there every time to greet us when we get home and support us through the good times too! Also, we can be there for them in their scary moments as well. I’ve had 6 dogs in my life and together we’ve beat so many illnesses, survived death of loved ones, tried new foods together, explored new places and most importantly leaned on one another.

I would gladly read and review this book. It is a true inspiration and I can’t wait to laugh out loud and possibly cry as well with the stories she tells!