Wow world building

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This book had such an interesting plot and a new take on the sci-fi genre. This was such a fresh and captivating read with something so unique that it was enjoyable all throughout. If you like a sci-fi but are looking for a newer take on the genre this is for you.
The world was alluring and from the first introduction of the main plot line I was hooked. To think that something so tragic and intriguing could happen to someone so young was a really interesting concept to explore. The death of all she knows, all of her family and friends, her newfound status as “goddess”, her journey to discover everything that occurred and help to save the world.
Some aspects like the slang of the world and how some of the created language was thrown into context was really difficult to decipher. I liked how it added an extra element to the world, but it was difficult to always discern meaning. The romantic element also seems to be thrown in as a way to interest readers but I felt it was unnecessary.