Really enjoyable!

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I quite enjoyed this book! I was so excited to jump in after reading the premise (I mean, waking up after a thousand years in cryo!? How could I not be eager!?), and it definitely did not disappoint. Andra finds herself in a very, very different world than she left, and no one that she encounters can give her any clues as to what happened- at least none that make sense to her. I loved uncovering the story of what happened to Andra and her people, and figuring out what exactly was happening with the other characters (all of whom I quite enjoyed too), and was definitely motivated to keep reading. While I really enjoyed the ending and was excited for the twists that came with it, some of the plot aspects in the middle of the story felt a bit predictable. Otherwise, I found the book to be entertaining and full of characters whose fates I grew to genuinely care about, and a world in which I cannot wait to get back to!