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Sci-fi is definitely a genre that can be hit or miss for me. It's also a genre I don't read often because of that. I was very interested in reading this one because the cover is gorgeous and it felt similar, based on blurb, to other books I have read previously. Goddess in the Machine was good but it just lacked in a couple departments for me.

This book is split into two point-of-views: Andra and Zhade. They both have lived completely different lives and also one has been asleep for a thousand years. That definitely puts her at a disadvantage for understanding the world. I didn't dislike them but I just didn't find myself connecting with them either.

The other characters in the book are fine too but some were lacking development more than others.

The world that the author created is interesting but it did in ways remind me of the DEV1AT3 series by Jay Kristoff. That was probably in part to the planet being a wasteland and the language they spoke.

The goddess parts were probably my favorite parts to read about because I'm always interested in what people are believing. There was a lot of intrigue and secrets so it did keep my attention even if it certain parts of it was obvious for plot twist reveals.

When it came to the other plot twists, I just didn't find myself shocked like I know I should've been. 🤷‍♀️ The nano bots though, super crazy!

As for the romance, I wouldn't say it was insta-love but it kind of felt that way. It is on the slower side but I don't know. I just didn't care for it. It just wasn't believable.

Overall, it may not seem like it from this review but I did like most of the plot. It just didn't blow me away. I know that there will be many that love this book. I'm not sure if I will read the next book or not. This one did leave off with a cliffhanger but I'm not convinced enough.