Great new sci-fi

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The story starts as Andra awakens from what she believes is a cryogenic sleep that lasted one hundred years. In actuality, she has been asleep for a thousand years. Everyone she knew and loved in her life has been gone for years and she is now alone in a strange place where the people believe her to be a goddess, a savior of their world. The language is unfamiliar and Andra is lost.

This premise alone was enough to draw me in, and the tension and stakes are high from the get go. It definitely helps that the writing is great! The world building is a huge aspect of the story as the world itself plays a major role in Andra's story, and the author has done a fantastic job at fully immersing the reader in this strange land. Then on top of that, there is plenty of court intrigue, mystery, secrets, and romantic tensions.

The characters are well developed and sympathetic and the world building is rich and intricate. This is the YA sci-fi/fantasy story I've been looking for and I can't wait to read more from this author!