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Captivating world

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From the opening hook, I was pulled into this unique and believable world and never wanted to stop reading. The world felt so real, with sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and touch senses all working together to build a fantastic world for me to experience while reading. I loved Andra and felt every emotion, every pain, sharing right along with her.

The author tossed surprising twists at me that I truly never guessed were coming. They delighted me and made this a five star read for me. The ending left room for a sequel that I'm hoping will be coming soon as I need to know what happens next! My mind was blown and mouth left open at some of the twists near the end especially.

This book has everything I love about fantasy and science fiction all twisted together in a perfect package--danger, intrigue, secrets, hints of romance, friendship, and deceptions so fierce, plus plenty of action. The science fiction part was my favorite as nano technology, cryogenetics, and AI fascinate me.