This retelling is golden!

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Oh my! This is so much more than a retelling of Rumpelstiltskin! It is chockful of other stories and combines them all into a great tale, courtesy of the gift that Serilda has from the good of stories and lies. From the Erlking to moss maidens and tatzelwurms and many other creatures, nightmares, and magic beings. Like the little children that Serilda helps out with at the school, I thoroughly enjoyed the stories that she told them, even if some of them were quite dark. It matches the setting of the world though and what happens to Serilda due to one lie she told to the Erlking to save a couple moss maidens. The story that gets revealed as she is taken to the Erlking's castle to spin straw into gold is also quite good. And I much prefer Gild, the poltergeist over the traditional Rumpelstiltskin character. It opens up so many more possibilities with his character and makes him much more rounded.

Be warned however, it may be a good, long story with over 500 pages of excitement and danger and sadness, but sadly it ends in a cliffhanger of massive proportions and you will definitely need the next book now! I know I do.