Marissa Meyer

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Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles made a huge impact on me as a young adult. I couldn’t turn those pages fast enough. It was as if nothing else could even enter my thoughts while these books, particularly Cress, were waiting for me. I have to say that Marissa Meyer’s newest novel Gilded tapped into a lot of those same feelings. That’s impressive since Cinder was published in 2011 meaning we’re all 11 years older. Her prose is still clear and her stories are just as wild and thoughtful. I’m excited that this one is getting another book because woah- I need more! Fairytale reimaginings are all the rage right now so it’s good to have a master like Meyer back in the ring. This is a rumplestiltskin reimagining and it’s a really good one, but I think I liked Naomi Novik’s Spinning Silver just a bit more. These two are different enough though that you can enjoy them both.