I love these fairytale retellings!

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Marissa Meyer is the queen of fairytale retellings! Her Cinder series was absolutely incredible, so of course, I had to start on Gilded immediately when it arrived! It did NOT disappoint! Marissa Meyer has such an interesting way of coming at a classic tale that we all know very well from our childhoods, but twisting them in fantastic ways that make you both excited for the unknown but also expecting a certain scene or plot to occur. Gilded is a Rumpelstiltskin retelling that alters who really is the villain and who is the victim. It takes place in a luscious fantasy world, with a medieval village setting, filled with horrifying magical creatures. This story was a lot darker than Meyer's previous fairytale stories, Heartless included. I was definitely taken aback by some of the more horrible scenes towards the end. If you're looking for a dark, creepy, somewhat gory fairytale, more akin to a Grimm's tale with way more depth, this is definitely the book you need to pick up this winter!