Caught my attention quickly.

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Retellings are always books I find myself looking for. It's something I've always loved, when authors creature their own spins on tales we all know and love. The way the author writes is so captivating. It was easy to get sucked into her storytelling and envision this world and these characters. Serilda seems like someone who is always searching for elements of magic and wonder. She is a very likeable character, at least from my viewpoint. I found myself seeing bits of myself in her in this snippet of the story. I loved how Serilda always had stories in her head, as an aspiring writer it was very understandable. Always coming up with tales of creatures or adventures. The darker elements that appeared were great, I always love when things are given horror-esque twists. Taking a well known tale and turning it into something dark is a great way of grabbing attention. I loved what I read.