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Unfortunately this did not work for me

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*Thank you to BookishFirst for this ARC of GhostFire in exchange for an honest review*

When I first heard about the premise of this novel I jumped at it being a huge history nerd. Two siblings caught up in the midst of the French and Indian War it sounded amazing! However like others maybe it is because I haven’t read the other books in the series although I think this is a prequel novel.

This book had all of the elements in a story that I usually love history, siblings, love and a fantastic setting. The story centers around two siblings Theo and Constance “Connie” Courtney. Growing up with their aristocratic parents Mansur and Verity Courtney in Madras India in 1754. They are living a charmed life .

That all is shattered after Theo and Connie bored one day leave their home and wander into the jungle looking for a adventure when they come across a French barracks. Intrigued both children go closer for a look at the men in battle. When their parents realize they have left they go looking for them. When they find them at the barracks Mansur begs his children to come back. They start to follow when the barracks is suddenly bombed leaving both Mansur and Verity dead.

Orphaned both Theo and Connie go to live with their next living relative Gerard in Calcutta India. One night when Theo catches Gerard and Connie together he leaves in a rage. They are separated from that point in the novel. With Connie staying with Gerard in India while Theo ends up in America or what was then the colonies. The novel had plenty of action I really enjoyed learning about both Theo and Connie’s stories. Her story however was disappointing. I know it was 1754 and I actually disagree with some reviews that she wasn’t written well but it was disappointing that she went from one abuser to another man that turned out to be worse then the last.

After that I just couldn’t be interested anymore . As I said the novel has everything the action was great.I just couldn’t connect with any of the characters which is why the book didn’t work for me.