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Something different but good

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The Courtney family... I know their history better than my own family's. Wilbur Smith has written a brilliant series about the Courtneys of which Ghost fire is the latest instalment. As usual his characters are strong and unique. Theo and Connie are the newest Courtney family members. In contrast to the previous generations who lived in England, Africa and the middle East the siblings Theo and Connie grew up in India. They get separated after their parents die and unknowingly their paths in life run somewhat parallel although they are completely different. It's a great read and despite the big contrast in settings to the previous books in the series it fits in perfectly.
The characters are strong, deep and we'll described. The story is intense and keeps you reading. The reader knows how the book will end but Smith and Harper (co-author) takes the reader on a wild ride full twists and turns to keep you guessing and wanting to find out more.
Ghost fire is definitely a must read.
I can't wait for the next installment of the Courtney family history.