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Wilbur Smith is an awesome writer who has really outdone himself in the the amazing and gripping saga of these two siblings. Theo and Connie's story begins in India and the author draws us in from the very beginning to the childhood they led together. The untimely and tragic death of their parents changes everything for the both of them.
When Theo decides to separate and forge a path in war that perhaps can assuage his guilt ridden existence Connie feels abandoned and alone. As the British wage war against the French and Indian Army Connie's journey is vastly different. She is at the mercy of corrupt guardians who one after the other demoralize her.
As Connie is able to find a way to France she begins a new chapter of her life once she is welcomed into a higher class of society there but nonetheless remains at the mercy of others.
As Connie eventually find their destinies bringing them back to each other they discover their bond is unbreakable and they face the dangers together.This book is a must read and definitely not one you can put down once begun.