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A Spectacular Book!

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Ghost Fire is the 18th book in the Courtney series and all I can say is that this is the first book by Wilbur Smith I have read. That being said, I loved this book so much I have decided to read the whole series!
This book has everything in it; adventure, history, war, and it takes place all over the world. A brother and sister, after a horrible accident takes their parent's lives, have to go on. Theo is 14, and his sister is 16, and Theo promises to always be there for his sister, Constance. Unfortunately, war separates them for over three years.
Theo winds up going to the colonies in North America, and then lives with an Indian tribe where he marries a young woman. Circumstances happen and he goes into the army to fight the French.
Constance winds up in france, after marrying an officer (to be able to leave India) and when he treats her terribly, she goes to Paris.
Constance and Theo have grown up so differently since they parted, and during a battle between the French, English and Indians Theo is captured. Constance sees him right away in the jail and helps him escape. At that point in time, Connie tells him she will go back to France to live.
This book was so amazing, had beautiful writing, and the descriptions made me believe I was there living in that time.
I gave this book 5 stars and am so glad I received this ARC or I would not have stumbled upon such a great author!