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A breathtaking historical fiction novel

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Wilbur Smith's style of writing is breathtaking and the plot was very interesting. This is a story of betrayal, revenge and love. I have loved the saga of the Courtney's since the first installment.

Mr. Smith's writing takes you on a journey. Constance and Theo's journey is tragic and fraught with conflict. A historical fiction novel that takes place in 1754.

This was another thrilling read by Wilbur Smith, with action moving from India to France and also to the New World.

All the characters are well defined and are all very interesting and kept me turning pages.

From the heat in Calcutta to the wilds of North America, this is a story of not just betrayal and revenge but also the courage of the people who fought and settled in the new land.

This was an excellent story for any historical fiction fan!