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Not Just Anotehr Terrorist Plot

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Gate 76 is more than a terrorist story. Andrew Diamond weaves a complex tale with many twists and turns.
Freddy Ferguson is a private eye who watches everyone. One day he sees a blonde leave one plane boarding area for another. This seems suspicious to him but it was not the job he was working on that day. But in a sudden twist, it does become his job. The plane the woman left behind exploded in mid-air. Freddy is the only who knows she's alive and he must find her in order to find out what happened on that plane.
I really like that this story isn't just another terrorist story; those tropes have become boring and stale. But the story drags when it goes on tangents about Freddy's past. I don't like Freddy so I didn't care. I just wanted to get back to the mystery. In fact, even at the end of the book I didn't like Freddy even though Diamond paints him as a hero because he did something right.
With an interesting and twisty premise, Gate 76 pulls the reader in but an unlikable main character, I couldn't get truly invested in the story.