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I loved this book way more than I expected to going into it, mostly because I hadn't heard much about it! This book has two perspectives. Rielle is the queen with unbelievable magical abilities, though her POV is set prior to her rule, going through trials to prove her abilities. The other is Elianna, who lives 1000 years after Queen Rielle. She is a notorious bounty hunter for the kingdom, set on keeping her emotions locked away so she can do her job to provide for her family. She also has the ability to heal from any wound, which makes her so successful at her job. On a job, she comes across the man she is sent to kill when she finds out her mother has been taken. He promises to help her find her mother if she works with him and the rebels of the kingdom. There are hints that some war has taken place between the two timelines. This book was so intriguing and compelling, I could not put it down. I liked the two protagonists (even when they were infuriating at times) and enjoyed the complexity of the world and plot. It was interesting to see how the two characters come together, and I'm interested to see where the story goes next!