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The bi rep is.... questionable.

I liked the beginning, THREE of the characters and nothing else.

Let's start this mess of a review.

1) Rielle

What the heck happened here? Her character is a hot mess, possibly bi- i don't know what happened there. She seemed like a wannabe bad-girl gone incredibly wrong.

2) Eliana
Wha-what in the wannabe Aelin Galathynius? She's also bi (this one is confirmed) and she's painted as a do-no-wrong Mary Sue who as an anti-hero?

3) The plot
Three words? What the hell. What even happened in this book? What was supposed to happen? What did I even read? Did I manage to skip like half of this book unbeknownst to me? I literally have no words, what the hell happened?

In summary, please no.