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Why, oh why, did I wait so long to read Furyborn? I love Claire Legrand, so I should’ve know it would become an all time favorite.

Furyborn follows the lives of two young women who are living 1000 years apart. One is a queen and the other is an assassin, but both are carrying secrets that could alter the world as they know it. Both women are fierce, headstrong, loving characters with difficult decisions thrown at them every day.

I love the way Claire has intertwined the two stories together in this book. It felt so refreshing to read something different than your standard first person or multiple POV books. Her world building was gorgeous and really made it feel like I was in the story watching it all happen. I can’t say I favored one story more than other but there were bits and pieces of Arielle’s story that I like more and vice versa with Eliana. Early on Eliana made some questionable decisions, but I understand why she did them. It was just frustrating to watch it all happen.

I can’t wait to pick up Kingsbane next to see where the story goes!!!