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Too long

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Furyborn is a great idea, opens strong, and then is about at least 200 pages long, needed a b etter, tighter plot, and suffers from what seems to be Ms. Legrand's enthusiasm--I am not quite sure how to put it, but it is as if she was so in love with the idea for Furyborn that she never stopped to think about how to pace it across one book, and in this case, there are two more to go.

Furyborn has a linked plot. tmThe two main characters are, per standard fantasy tropes, separated by a long period of time but find themselves in a linked situation. And while the beginning is very well written, the plot eventually gets so muddled that it becomes almost like yet another character to keep track of. I think Furyborn has promise but the writing is just okay and the story is just too long. By the end I simply didn't care enough to want to know what's next because it felt like forever to get to the end of Furyborn.