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Furyborn tales the story of two Queens, one who will doom the world and another who will save it.
Rebellious Lady Rielle lives in a world of people who can control the elements, but she does not know the force of her powers until she sneaks away from her father. Despair leads to trials and Lady Rielle must come to terms that she may just be the star of the prophecies of her world. The book alternates between the story of Rielle as well as the other mentioned in the prophecy. But right and wrong, good and evil are not as clearcut as the stories of the world would have you believe.
I love this book. It was exciting and kept me turning pages. I just wanted to know what would happen next to Rielle and what really happens in her life. I deducted one star because the second story was not as engaging or the character as likable until about the last three chapters of the book. I usually justed wanted to get back to Rielle's story as it was the most engaging and kept me on my toes.
That being said, I am ready for the next book and to see what happens to the two heroines.