Right from the start...

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By the end of the very first page I was invested in this story! Fantasy is not one of my "go-to" genres but this book pulled me in right from the start. I wanted to know why Simon, the young boy, hated the Queen so much, why he and his father would need to flee the city. It soon became apparent that this was a world of not only human beings but other beings. Usually this is where I shut the book, however, I already felt a connection to these characters and wanted to know what would happen to them. What would happen to Simon and what would happen to the newborn Princess?

When, in the second chapter, the story jumped back to when the Queen was younger the readers are shown another side to Rielle, an impetuous, strong-willed young woman.

The third chapter leaps ahead one thousand years. The readers are introduced to another impetuous, strong-willed young woman. And then that is the end of the first look!

As a reader, I am left wondering what the connection is between these two women. And still, what will become of the two young characters Simon and the Princess? I must know!