Really enjoyed it!

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This book was really enjoyable and I really liked it! The plot was really good and the idea of having two point of views spanned over a thousand of years was so unique. There was a couple of things I didn’t like though but lets start with what I did like! (though what I like outweighs what I didn’t)

What I liked:

☾✧ The overall story:

I really enjoyed the plot of this! Sometimes I’d be able to predict some things but they were VERY minor things… most of the time I was shocked by the plot twists…. Like I probably lost 10 years of life by getting as surprised as I did at one point. But it was a really unique story following a prophecy saying two queens will rise, a blood queen & a sun queen. The magic they had was also really cool! I liked the idea of elemental magic because as I come to think of it, I haven’t read one book with that! It’s usually just normal wizardry magic or fae magic so that was a nice change. I also think it was paced really nicely, I just took so long reading it because I have no self control & start 23684 books at a time. Also, in this story angels are bad, which is a really cool twist because they’re usually good & gahhh it was so good… READ IT. Oh & also!!! Men & women in this book were equal & no one would second guess it when they saw a female guarding one of the most prized people in the kingdom, or have to mention that oooh look its a female!

☾✧ The characters/writing:

I thought Rielle & Eliana were really freaking badass & I loved both point of views equally! They both had such unique traits & their stories were honestly just so amazing. Each chapter alternated between Rielle & Eliana’s point of views but IT WAS NOT CONFUSING AT ALL…. Also, sometimes (all the time) one chapter would end with a cliff hanger then you can’T sEE wHAt HAppeNS nEXt *dies* until you read the next chapter to get to where the cliffhanger ended, so I was constantly saying one more chapter all the time… The writing was also really great & I was sucked into this series so quickly.

Okay here a couple things I didn’t like, at first I was like ohhhh cool it’s giving me Throne of Glass vibes, but as you read on, I just kept comparing them together because there was ALOT of things I feel was inspired by ToG, but in the end, it was still unique in its own way I guess! Also, sometimes I just kinda didn’t feel attached to Rielle? You can tell she was conflicted with her thoughts & feelings but like sometimes she’d get hurt & I’m just like “Oh well.” Also, there was a scene I felt was unnecessary & too detailed to be in a YA book…. But overall, I really enjoyed this book & can’t wait for the next installment!