Power mad females, hooray!

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My first preview of this book was more or less "What is going on here" with a tinge of "Heck yes, this female is power mad." Too often, female characters in YA are pigeon-holed into one of two categories: Super Amazing Strong Female Heroines with Sassy Backstories, OR Angelic Really Nice Girls Awkward But Damsels Who Save Themselves/The New Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Very rarely do we have characters in YA who are female and power mad, or female and mistakenly labeled as evil, or female and just generally not all that nice but unapologetic about it.

In Furborn, we are introduced to females who are queens but also vindictive, brimming with power, corrupted in the eyes of their citizens, and foolhardy to a certain degree. They're not perfect, but neither are they evil, like most male characters are allowed to be in YA.