Needs More Elianna

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I picked up Furyborn because 1). Kingsbane is coming out in a month and 2). I got an enamel pin with my Shelflove crate this month! I have been hearing wonderful things about it, and I can see why! It was a bit confusing at first with two simultaneous storylines in different times, but it was fun to connect history to present between Rielle and Elianna's storylines!

While I enjoyed it, I do think it bordered a line of being more adult than YA. And yes, I know teenagers have sex, and htough they weren't nearly as graphic as the Nevernight sex scenes, they were a lot more graphic than most YA sex scenes I've read.

I did enjoy the book, and I'm an adult so I can get over the fact that the story felt more Adult than YA, but overall, I did really enjoy it. I think I'm only really giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because Rielle feels like the invncible hero a lot of times, and that a lot of her storyline is meh compared to Elianna's. I think it's okay to not split the book time between the characters equally, and I would have liked for Elianna. I hope Kingsbane isn't as equally split!