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Furyborn is about two woman who hold magic powers that can save them or doom them and are centuries apart. If this does not make you instantly want to pi k you up I don't know what you are thinking! This first line pulled me in and I devoured this book!! We start off with an ambush and Rielle Dardenne has to save her best friend the crown prince and ends up exposing her magic. The only people who should be able to perform all seven elements are the Sun Queen and Blood Queen. We go through Rielle trials to test her magic to see which queen she is. While this is going on we have a dual perspective centuries ahead with Eliana Ferracora a bounty hunter. So much action happens throughout it feels like there is no room to breathe! I love how the two stories connect together and how beautifully written this book is. I can not wait to get my hands on the second book!!