Interesting story, but kind of overwhelming

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I kind of thought that the problems I had with this book might be "just me". Then I read some other reviews from people who felt similarly, so now maybe it's not just me? Anyway, my deal was this: I found the story interesting, but I also found it quite cumbersome. I feel like it was very well written, and I think that a ton of thought went into building this story. As it jumps from past to present, and between two main characters' points of view, there's a lot happening.

And for me, this is also kind of the problem. See, while I was impressed by the story, I was also wholly overwhelmed. It was kind of hard work, and when I read, I want to be entertained and not feeling like I had to keep a damn spreadsheet just to know what was going on. It was very slow going for me, which in part was because it is a longer book. But it wasn't just the length, it was just very taxing to read. Trying to keep all the characters in two timelines straight, the magical elements, the world building, there was a lot to take in.

I also don't know if it was a great decision to start the way it did. The prologue tells the reader what the fate of one of the characters is from the start, and it made the stakes feel a little lower for me. I did enjoy the characters, though I don't know that I enjoyed them quite enough to make up for the slowness/difficulty.

Will I Read the Next Book? I'm torn. On one hand... I don't want to. But on the other, I am a little curious? Let's leave it as a "perhaps, let's wait and see".

Bottom Line: The story has a lot of appealing elements, but I was too overwhelmed (and a little bored) most of the time to be fully immersed.