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At first Furyborn was a thing of intrigue for me. I had heard so much about this book before I finally received an ARC of it and I was so giddy just to have a chance to read the tale of two young Queens.

Once I finally started to read Furyborn the first thing that struck me was the incredibly vivid world that Claire has created. Queendoms and lands afar were as visual as can be. So much you feel like you are standing in the land with the characters.

What is really interesting about Furyborn is that it spans literally 1,000 years and intertwined the lives of two young women, Rielle and Eliana, who take a stand against the dark forces which intend to destroy the legacy of their homeland.

Through this book there is love, erotic lust, strong willed young women, royalty, struggle, and victory. Claire has set up a trilogy that seems like it will be a story to remember! 👑 👑