I LOVE this book

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When I picked this up, I hadn't read the synopsis. I just knew it was extremely popular and everyone was loving it. When I did get home, however, I realized I would have never picked this up had it not been for the reviews. Well, I finally got around to reading it and let me tell you...

Okay so the first chapter.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! It was amazing. I loved it. It was so intense and confusing and I just wanted to know what happened afterwards but of course we had to start from the beginning.

Let me just say, in the first couple of chapters of the different povs I was thinking that I did not like these girls and I didn't know why everyone loved this book.. but then Rielle started saying the reason for her tasks and why she was so determined and I was just heartbroken for her. She has much love in her heart.

ELIANNA ugh.. I was so annoyed that she didn't care about what she was doing but then I realized she's sacrificing herself SO much just to help her family and that she had such a mask that she could never take off or she would lose her will and everyone she loved was depending on her to be strong, even if they didn't realize it. It breaks my heart that she's so underappreciated. She definitely made mistakes but she was so lost and just wanted her family.

I love all the boys in this book. Simon is definitely my favorite one. I'm a die hard romance reader. I usually don't read a book unless there's some romance unless the plot is just that good. There's few books like that..but this one.. takes the cake. There is definitely romance and tension but what I love even more is the temple kisses and the hugs where their heads are under their chin and the "darling" and "dear"s...I just love these characters. All of them (except one who I won't name because a lot of people probably love) are so strong and broken. Its a 20/10 for me and that doesn't happen often.

These cliffhangers at the end of each chapter really put some fury in me though.