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Fantastic and Fun!

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Rielle’s storyline was interesting but I feel that beginning with her ending caused for me to be significantly less interested in her storyline. It revealed too much and made the rest of the book too easy to guess for both prospectives. The girls, I found, were also very loose with their feelings. Those were my only issues with the book though, thus 4 stars instead of 5.

Despite being able to guess, Eliana’s storyline was definitely more my speed. Tortured with a good heart buried underneath and a possible enemies to lovers story tied in? My kryptonite - not that I’m claiming to be Superman. Also basically a female assassin type. Really close to Throne of Glass vibes and I am here for it.

Started off with the audiobook for this which is very good and transitioned into reading the words with my own eyes for the remainder and love the story both ways.

Fantastic job by Claire Legrand in my opinion. Fun story I can’t wait for the sequel.